Pictured above is Cassandra Thomas,
Owner, Sweet Potato Sensations,
Detroit, MI (see bottom of page)

Here is her delicious recipe
for Sweet Potato Cake


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Sweet Potato Bakeries


Due to unemployment in 1986, Marvin Swain, Jr. began My Mama's Sweet Potato Pie Company with just $50.00 and his mother’s old-fashioned recipe. Today, pies are baked daily for Kroger and Big Bear stores. It’s so delicious — A taste lingering mixture of rich nutmeg, the choicest sweet potatoes and secret ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Contact: My Mamma’s Sweet Potato Pie Company, 813 E. Livingston Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204, (614) 444-4282, (614) 444-2911 (Fax). Retail and wholesale.


Sweet Potato Sensations is a name of a bakery in Detroit, Michigan that specializes in sweet potato desserts. Here's a recipe for Sweet Potato Cake posted by the Detroit News. For more information write or call: Cassandra Thomas, 17346 Lahser Road, Detroit, MI  48219-2348, (800) 358-4080 (toll free), (313) 532-7996, (313) 352-0759 (fax), or contact her by e-mail at sweetpotato1987@aol.com.


Sweet Potato Sweets is a bakery in Vardaman, Mississippi which specializes in sweet potato desserts.  For more information write or call:  Daphna Cook or Karen Wright, Sweet Potato Sweets, P.O. Box 325, 117 East Sweet Potato Street, Vardaman, MS  38878-0325, (800) 770-5035 (toll-free), (662) 682-9647 or (662) 682-9450 (fax), sweetpotatosweets@tds.net.