"After the harvest in 1621, Governor Bradford proclaimed a day of "thanksgiving and prayer," shared by the Colonists and neighboring Native Americans. In 1623, the Pilgrims proclaimed a day for "fasting and prayer" to end a terrible drought. Originally called "Harvest Home," it was later changed to "Thanksgiving" because the rain came during the prayers. During the American Revolution an annual Thanksgiving Day was suggested by the Continental Congress. New England Colonies later celebrated annual Thanksgiving Days following the harvest but on varying dates."

What's a Thanksgiving feast without sweet potatoes? Even if you don't like them oozing with marshmallows, there are many other ways to incorporate them into the meal without sacrificing tradition. Here are some choice recipes that even the most finicky eater should find delectable.


(Marjorie Mills, Author, “Cooking On A Ration: Food Is Still
Fun," Published in 1943, From: "Thanksgiving Over There")

4 to 6 sweet potatoes,    1/3 cup chopped nut meats
  peeled & thinly sliced 2 tablespoons butter
1 orange, sliced   salt & pepper to taste
1/2 teaspoon orange rind,    2/3 cup dark corn syrup 
  grated     or maple syrup

Arrange sweet potatoes, orange slices, orange rind and nuts in a buttered baking dish, dotting layers with butter and sprinkling with salt and pepper. Pour syrup over top. Bake at 350 degrees F. (preheated) for 1 hour. Add a little water or orange juice if needed. Makes 4 to 6 servings. Enjoy!

Marjorie Mills book "Cooking On A Ration:  Food Is Still Fun," was published in 1943, and is just one of the artifacts located at Pilgrim Hall — America’s Museum of Pilgrim possessions and gallery located in historic Plymouth, MA.



 I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving.
I hear they are stuffing me with Sweet
Potato, Cornbread & Sausage Stuffing!


Sweet Potato, Cornbread & Sausage Stuffing — Chef Jean-Pierre Brehier, Author, "Incredible Cuisine."

Thomas Jefferson's Sweet Potato Biscuits — Served at the 1st Meeting of the Continental Congress in 1774.

Laura Bush's Thanksgiving Recipes — Includes Roast Turkey with Maple-Butter Glaze, Sweet Potato Puree, Green Beans with Anchovy Butter, Corn Bread Dressing and Sweet Potato Biscuits.

Sweet Potato Casseroles — Includes the following recipes:

(1) Sweet Potato Casserole — Mrs. Francis Hoecker, McHenry, MD, The Sweet Potato Council of the U.S., Inc., (2) Adrienne Barbeau's Yams and (3) Cherried Sweet Potatoes -- Mrs. Joyce Leichtman, Dioux Falls, SD.

Sweet Potato Harvest Cake — Susie Alexander, First Place Winner, 1993 National Sweet Potato Festival, Vardaman, MS

Laura Bush's Thanksgiving Recipes -- Includes Roast Turkey With Maple-Butter Glaze, Sweet Potato Puree, Green Beans With Anchovy Butter and Corn Bread Dressing.

Loni Anderson's Sweet Potato Pecan Pie — Loni used to make this recipe for her ole hubby Burt Reynolds


Give thanks to the Lord for He is good.
His love endures forever.
I Chronicles 16:34



A Thanksgiving Toast

May your stuffing be tasty, may your turkey be plump.
May your potatoes 'n gravy have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious, may your pies take the prize,
May your Thanksgiving dinner stay off of your thighs.

After Thanksgiving Poem

Twas the night of Thanksgiving, but I couldn't sleep.
I tried counting backwards, I tried counting sheep.
The leftovers beckoned -- the dark meat and white,
but I fought the temptation with all of my might.

Tossing and turning with anticipation,
the thought of a snack became infatuation.
So, I raced to the kitchen, flung open the door
and gazed into the fridge, full of goodies galore.

I gobbled up turkey and candied yams,
chestnut dressing, corn and clams,
I felt myself swelling so plump and so round,
till all of a sudden, I rose off the ground.

I crashed through the ceiling, floating into the sky,
with a mouthful of pudding and a handful of pie.
But, I managed to yell as I soared past the trees ...
"Happy Thanksgiving to all -- pass the cranberries, please!"



"Yowa yo tocket yo commeish, naunt maish n'quitagunnegat" in Wampanoag means "I give you this, if only for just one day." -- Old Eastern Condolence Ceremony, from my friend John Rutherford (Iootash, Wampanoag name meaning "stand firm"), Ventura, CA.