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The Joy of Cooking With Sweet Potatoes  A Special Collection of Recipes & Much, More! (Percentage of proceeds to benefit Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation).


The Sweet Potato Vine Newsletter — How the book "The Joy of Cooking With Sweet Potatoes" began.


Growing Sweet Potatoes Includes information on how to grow sweet potatoes, mail order sources for sweet potato slips, sweet potato varieties, growing a sweet potato plant and links to other sources.


Sweet Potato — #1 In Nutrition by CSPI View the Nutrition Scoreboard and search USDA's data base for other foods.


Test Your Yam IQ includes some fun questions as well.

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General Francis Marion's Sweet Potato Dinner — Revolutionary War Hero, Father of U.S. Army Special Forces. Includes story of his war efforts and $5.00 and $10.00 notes in honor of the dinner.

Oscar Marion — African-American Patriot — Humble American Patriot depicted in the famous oil painting who was anonymous for 230 years, has finally been identified.

Thomas Jefferson's Sweet Potato Biscuits — Revolutionary leader, author of the Declaration of Independence, Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom and third U.S. President.


U.S. "United We Stand" Postage Stamp — Find out what that has to do with sweet potatoes.




Happy Easter America From the Yams Web Site — Sweet Potatoes Provided Natives Fuel For Moai Building On Easter Island (Story); includes recipes.


Happy Thanksgiving America — From the Yams Web Site — Thanksgiving tribute, includes some choice recipes.


Merry Christmas  From the Yams Web Site — Elvis Presley's Sweet Potato Pie, Randy's Sweet Christmas Casserole (Randy Travis), Santa's Favorite Sweet Potato Oaties and more.


Apple & Sweet Potato Bake With Coconut Biscuits for Kwanzaa — Includes a brief history of Kwanzaa.


Golden Sweet Potato Festival — Held annually in Golden, TX.


Oprah Loves Golden Sweet Potatoes — "Sweet Pride of Texas" — The Sweet Potato Capital of Texas and the home of the Sweet Potato Festival held annually in October. Golden produces Beauregard sweet potatoes which Oprah featured on her October 28, 2004 show titled, "The Best of Everything." She proclaimed that Golden sweet potatoes are "... the purest, sweetest sweet potatoes, the best sweet potatoes I've ever had."


Have a Ball With Mississippi — Mississippi Yams! — Information and recipes (includes a delicious Cheese Ball and Cheese Cake Squares Recipe) from Mississippi.


Images of the Sweet Potato — Crate Labels! — Written by John R. Medley, Jr. of Oracle, AZ. Includes sweet potato crate labels dating back to 1880 that were designed to sell a product that was clearly the pride of its producers.


Join the "Sweet Spud" Club — We'll let you know if anything earth shattering happens like when the book "The Joy of Cooking With Sweet potatoes" is finally published.


Products Made From Sweet Potatoes — Visit the Products Page for many interesting products as Sweet Potato Jam from Argentina, Sweet Potato Chips Sweet Potato Pie Mix and Sweet Potato Pancake Mix.


Sweet Potato Crockpot Recipes — No time to cook? Got a crockpot? Also contains a recipe conversion chart for making your regular recipes into crockpot recipes.


Tex Tater's  Home Page — Texas Sweet Potatoes!


The Sweet Potato Cafe — "An American Yam-O-Rama!" — Recipes in all categories for home and foodservice (includes chef recipes). Includes information on fresh, canned and frozen sweet potatoes.


Sweet Potato Salsa Recipes — Information on Jalapeños and sweet potato salsa recipes; Sweet Potato Salsa by Jane Milton, Author, "The Practical Encyclopedia of Mexican Cooking" and more.


Pioneer Recipes — Old raccoon and opossum recipes, enter at your own risk.


The Yam Guide — Take a tour of the jungle with the "Yam Guide."


Meet Mr. Yam— Includes Cissey and Whitney Houston's recipe for Candied Yams — a great holiday recipe.


Centro Internacional De La Papa (CIP) — El Camote En La Cocina, Lima, Peru — information & recipes (written in Spanish).


Differences Between Sweet Potatoes & Yams — Includes scientific differences.


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