I keep this plant inside, but take it outside once in a
while when it rains to be watered and to enjoy the fresh air.


To grow a sweet potato vine, cut about 1” off the end of a sweet potato. Place it in a shallow jar or dish and partially fill with water, leaving the tip exposed to the air. Another way is to stick toothpicks into the midsections of small, healthy sweet potatoes, then submerge them halfway in a jar of water. Keep the container in a warm dark place. New roots will sprout and the stem will start to grow in about 10 days. When this occurs, place the jar in a sunny window.

As the vine grows, it can be left to trail or trained to climb. Some store bought sweet potatoes are sprayed with growth inhibitors to prolong shelf life and will not sprout, but by trial and error you can find one that will. When the roots appear you can plant it in rich soil with a bit of sand. It grows fast and may even bloom with trumpet-shaped blossoms resembling its relative, the Morning Glory. Hint: Try placing a couple charcoal chips in the bottom of the dish or jar to keep it sweet and discourage decay and odor.


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