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California Sweet Potatoes  — Sweet Potato Council of California -- "How Sweet it is." This site includes a few recipes and interesting information on the long and labor intensive process of growing sweet potatoes.


East Texas Yamboree — Established in 1935, this Sweet Potato Festival is one of the oldest continuous festivals in Texas. The 4-day event is held annually in October in Gilmer, Texas, and offers fun activities for the entire family. Activities include: Arts & Crafts, Bandstand Street Dance, Concessions, Decorated Yam Contest, Livestock Show & Sale, Yam Contest, Yam Pie Contest and much more.


Golden Sweet Potatoes — "Sweet Pride of Texas" -- The Sweet Potato Capital of Texas and the home of the Sweet Potato Festival held annually in October. Golden produces Beauregard sweet potatoes which Oprah featured on her October 28, 2004 show titled, "The Best of Everything." She proclaimed that Golden sweet potatoes are "... the purest, sweetest sweet potatoes, the best sweet potatoes I've ever had."


Louisiana Sweet Potatoes — Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission. Site includes lots of recipes created by Commission spokesperson, Holly Clegg -- TV cooking personality and author of "A Trim & Terrific Louisiana Kitchen: Southern Favorites." Meet Yamster in the Kid's Corner. Includes stories, games and kids recipes. Site also includes  a list of sweet potato shippers and information regarding the annual Yambilee Festival held in Opelousas in October.


Mississippi Sweet Potatoes — Mississippi produces premium grade one Beauregard sweet potatoes that offer great nutritional value and a melt in your mouth taste. They say that they're,"The world's best-for healthy eating with great taste." This site includes a directory of farms to purchase sweet potatoes, some delicious recipes and information concerning the annual Sweet Potato Festival held in downtown Vardaman in November.


North Carolina Sweet Potatoes — "Mother Nature's best work" -- North Carolina SweetPotato Commission. -- North Carolina ranks first in production of sweet potatoes in the United States. Site includes nutrition information, a lot of recipes, kid stuff, growing information, you name it. The site also includes a list of suppliers for commercial and retail (to purchase a small quantity online or by mail). Site includes a section on home gardening .


Sweet Potato Sensations "Sweet Potato Lover's Heaven on Earth" -- Sweet Potato Bakery located in Detroit, Michigan, that specializes in sweet potato products. In 2004, Cassandra Thomas' bakery was featured on the Food Network, "The Best Of" show with Mark Silverstein entitled "Potato Plates."


The United States Sweet Potato Council, Inc. — The main national organization for the promotion and marketing of sweet potatoes and the major advocate of the sweet potato industry with government agencies. Note: This organization used to be called "The Sweet Potato Council of the United States, Inc."


Potatoes Not Prozac: A Natural Seven-Step Dietary Plan to: Control Your Cravings and Lose Weight, Recognize How Foods Make You Feel, Stabilize the Level of Sugar in Your Blood. Potatoes Not Prozac was written by Kathleen Des Maisons, Ph.D., President and CEO of Radiant Recovery at


Sweet potato: An Untapped Food Resource -- by Jennifer A. Wolfe. Book describes the ways in which the sweet potato can be processed or incorporated into a wide variety of products. Click on the link to order through or contact: Cambridge University Press, Attn: Order Department, 110 Midland Avenue, Port Chester, NY 10573. Call 1-800-872-7432 to order by credit card.


The Hundredth Monkey — by Ken Keyes, Jr.


The Neu Tree — A Vietnamese Legend — by Jade Nguyen, Destination Vietnam Magazine


The Strange & Horrible Saga of the Sweet Potato Pie — By Joel Furr. Describes his sweet potato pie experience while attending Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, VA.


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