On Tuesday, October 2, 2001, Postmaster General John Potter unveiled the new 34 cent stamp displaying the American flag and the phrase "United We Stand" to symbolize unity and patriotism following the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington. "The 'United We Stand' is a ballot for freedom. Every time we use this stamp, we remind ourselves, and others, that freedom and unity are core values and are unshakable," he said before the stamp was unveiled. The stamp was available to consumers in early November.

What does that have to do with sweet potatoes you ask? Well, in an early 1999 newsletter, "Food for Life," a member of the International Vegetarian Union, facetiously proposed that perhaps postage stamps might be a good vehicle to fortify to get micronutrients on the tongues of those in need. They were then contacted by the U.S. Postal Service who said that, indeed, food already figures into the licking. It turns out that the stamp adhesive is made of sweet potato, corn and cassava.  Also, the base took into account religious and vegetarian dietary strictures.