If you watched Oprah Winfrey's show in October, 2004, which included her "Best of Everything" list, then you now know that sweet potatoes are one of her favorite foods. The show included everything from the best chocolate, champagne, cookie, meatballs and Oprah's favorite sandwich — to delectable sweet potatoes from Golden, Texas. It was a great show. But, if you missed it you can still read what was said about Golden Sweet Potatoes. Thank you Oprah!


Through my research I've discovered many products made with sweet potatoes from around the web and other sources. I've included a navigation bar (above) for your convenience, but not all products have web pages. Below is a short description of some of the products I have tried.

The Sweet Potato Jam from Argentina isn't what you'd normally expect in a jam. It has a thicker consistency than jam and is similar to Jello's jigglers but doesn't jiggle. It's sweet and it comes in two flavors, vanilla and chocolate. I bought it and then took it to a friend's house who is from Argentina.

Hayman Potato Chips. The chips, made from top quality Hayman potatoes (that's a white sweet potato), peanut and/or olsie canola oil and salt. Usually available from November through April. Contact: Blue Crab Bay Company, 29368 Atlantic Dr., Melfa, VA 23410, (800) 221-2722 (toll free), (web site).

I just loved Jane's Sweet Potato Pancake Mix. This product, created at Hotel Turkey in 1985 by Jane Johnson, was given a Texas Department of Agriculture "Taste of Texas" stamp of approval. "The sweet cinnamon aroma will have your mouth watering, even before you take your first bite. You'll love it," says Jane. This product is now being marketed by Bruce Foods at  Check at your grocery store.

The Microwave-Ready Shrink Wrapped Yams are Individually Plastic-Wrapped "Sun Beauty" Yams. Just pop them in the microwave and in 10 to 12 minutes they're done. Eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Share a box with your friends. Bob Bassetti, President, B&B Produce, Benson, NC, personally guarantees "they're juicy & delicious." Contact: B&B Produce, Inc., 2778 NC 50 South, Benson, NC 27504, (919) 894-2527, (919) 894-2127 (fax), (e-mail).

Radical Roots Sweet Potato Chips -- Radical Roots makes delicious Sweet Potato Chips. The company once sent me a case of the delights and I was hooked at first bite. Contact: Radical Roots, LLC P.O. Box 549, Kenansville, NC 28349, (910)2856620, (910) 296-6263 (fax).

Special Foods -- For Special People! Flour and other products made from white sweet potato flour & other root vegetables for those with allergies, food sensitivities (chemicals or mold), rotation diets & lets not forget "the epicurious gourmet." Contact: Special Foods™, 9207 Shotgun Court, Springfield, VA 22153, (703) 644-0991, (703) 644- 1006 (fax).

Terra Chips Sweet Potato Chips come in a variety of flavors; Cinnamon Spiced Sweet Potato, Japaneño, Mesquite BBQ, Nacho Cheese, Original Terra Chips (combination of 6 different vegetables), Salsa; Spiced Sweet Potato and Sweet Potato. Chips contain "all natural" products. I have tried the Sweet Potato Chips and the Combo (6 vegetables). I loved both but I especially loved the Combo. As a child I always I hated parsnips and haven't tried them as an adult. But they make them taste so good. So if you didn't like sweet potatoes as a child, you'll love these chips. Visit their web site at